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About Bob Debris


Greets to you, gentle reader, this here is the  "about page", and I thought you might want to know the answer  to that eternal question, "just what is it, that floats your boat, bob debris? so here goes...                                                                                  I'd have to say theres a definite attraction to various social groups, to folks totally immersed in their chosen passion. were talking obsession and exclusivity, all tied up with a curious regalia and theatricality.

The list includes but is not limited to : burlesque performers, Mexican  wrestlers, woman's roller derby, Christian passion play performers, celebrity impersonators, U.F.O. enthusiasts, historical war re-enactors, circus performers, ventriloquists, furries and twins...

of course on the way to shoot these events there are constant detours. the mobile monuments and doomed theme parks, souvenir shops and funky signage, programmatic architecture, miniature golf courses and folk art installations  It all adds up to tremendous roadside distractions.

I do  shoot the occasional portrait and am hired by event co-ordinators to create tableaus using drops, props and costumes.

i have been exhibiting publicly for over thirty years. my work can be seen in numerous public and private collections in Canada  and the USA

If you have an upcoming project I'd love to collaborate with you...get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss  rates, scheduling and, whatever blows your skirt up...

bob debris


Just wanted you to know about my new book its called The Art of Burlesque Bowling and a real must have item for all . An instant classic in the Bowling Guide Book Pantheon. click here for more information